Designer Q&A: Alejandra Viana of Leg Candy Collection August 01 2015

1. How did you start your collection?
I began Leg Candy in 2010 without the tradition of formal fashion design school. As a young entrepreneur I was faced with many challenges that I conquered with hands on training and real world experiences. These challenges would not have been overcome otherwise.

The idea solely began with the dissatisfaction of the fit of the common legging on the market.

2. Where do you get design inspiration?
The concept of Leg Candy came about while walking the streets of London. The cold weather, funky style, combination of colors, and crazy prints got me thinking. Lets sweeten up some leggings!
Thus... LEG CANDY was born.

The LegCandy Collection has expanded and is now on the 3rd collection, a full complete black and white collection offering dresses, skirts, tops, and cut out leggings!

3. What are your favorite designs?
Ina Bodysuit is my absolute favorite. It is unique and daring.

4. What do you like about Serene Sky Boutique?
I love the versatility of the products and the collaboration amongst the Serene Sky team.

5. What are you dying to do next?
I would love to collaborate with other likeminded individuals or even become a mentor to help other young women fulfill their dreams.

I am also in the process of getting my degree in business marketing, so I would love to get started on another small business.


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