Pretty in Pink May 20 2015

Summertime calls for rosy cheeks and petal-pink lips.  What better way to complement these natural sunkissed gifts than with a pretty-in-pink outfit inspired by Serene Sky jewelry?  Pair our fashion with a cause bracelet with your favorite flowy skirt that will have you twirling till you topple.

Gold toned jewelry pairs perfectly with any shade of pink.   Gold is such a regal color and provides a nice pop to any delicate pink ensemble.  Why else would the rose-gold trend be so popular?  Dazzle the crowd in our gold Sweet of Sweets earrings and gold Triangle ring.  These beautiful earrings make a big statement, and the geometric shape of the ring complements their boldness.

Have fun styling your own personal pretty in pink outfit with these versatile Serene Sky jewelry products.  We think a classic ivory crop top paired with blush colored ballet flats will have you looking young, fresh, and perfectly pink.  Now go ahead and give that cutie a little wink.


Pretty in Pink

- Written by Analeis, 05/20/15