Meet Yu and see her favorites December 18 2014

Hey there! My name is Yu Suzuki. I am absolutely fortunate to become a member of the lovely Serene Family this Winter as their Fashion Intern! I’m from Tokyo, Japan and a current student at the University of California, Irvine studying Business Administration. I enjoy the beautiful weather, amazing beaches, and careless/relaxing lifestyle in California. I’m a fashion addict and my favorite type of style is girly and sophisticated with a hint of edge. I also like winter styles using some jewelry and accessories. I definitely love Serene Sky's gorgeous products and I will introduce five pieces I love the best! These are my favorite items at Serene Sky.

Yu's Favorites

Tear Drop Thread Earrings-I love this earrings which could be used for both formal and casual occasion. This would go best with updos!

If Not For You Necklace-This necklace definitely makes any simple clothes stylish! It would match plain colored T-shirts or dresses. I’m also attracted by the lovely blue bling.

Wishbone Charm Beaded Bracelet-This Bracelet is absolutely gorgeous but still go with denim styles as well. Wishbone Charm is eye catching pretty.

Chevron Silver Midi Ring-I’m in love with this color “Chevron Silver”! It is very luxurious and this shape makes this ring pretty.


-Written by Yu, 12/18/14