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Tell Me About Yourself.
I am a current senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying Business Marketing and Human Resource Management. I currently work for the University’s PAC 12 Athletic program as a marketer but my passion will always be fashion. Along with my love of every thread and color in fashion, I have been designing my own pieces since a young age that have now accumulated an overwhelming amount of designs that I can hopefully one day bring to life. I love to travel and explore the beautiful beaches of California and the gorgeous trails of Colorado.

How Would You Describe Your Style?
I would have to say that my style is very girly and classic. Though I love to try trendy outfits, I seem to always end up wearing my signature dark pieces with my pop of color coming from my jewelry pieces. Style and Fashion should come from how you are feeling, not what everyone else is telling you to wear.

What Made You Interested In Blogging?
Blogging is more than just writing about an idea, it is an expression of your opinion. I have always loved blogging because of the freedom you have to share your ideas.
There is no better way to connect with the fashion lovers around you then to blog :)

What Do You Love About Serene Sky Boutique?
Being a part of the Serene Sky Boutique family is special to me because of the uniqueness of each individual designer and piece. Serene Sky exemplifies the beauty of the California lifestyle and has pieces that are not only trendy, but classic.

What Are Your Favorite Serene Sky Pieces?
To start, I love dainty little necklaces and rings, but every girl needs her statement necklace and colorful wrap bracelet :) I love the Short Leaf Turquoise Necklace, Norma Multicolor Necklace, Turquoise Wrap Bracelet, and Maximina Turquoise Necklace!

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