#SereneSkyLovesFlorida July 17 2014


It’s good to be home! Hello again everyone, it’s Lindsey, Serene Sky’s marketing intern, and I’m finally back home here in Southern California after my fun Florida excursion I took about 2 weeks ago to visit some family. I hope you all enjoyed my first instatakeover posts from the “Sunshine State” that I did for Serene Sky as much as I did posting them! And if you didn’t get a chance to see them then you’re in luck! I thought I’d write you all a little Florida roundup blog post about my vacation featuring some Serene Sky jewelry as well as to let you in on some Florida hidden gems I discovered while I was there. Here are my top 4 fondest Florida memories from my vacation!

New Smyrna Beach: As much as I wish I was writing this blog post sitting under an umbrella on the white sands of New Smyrna Beach while the turquoise waves come up to shore, in reality I’m sipping on a homemade pi〉a colada in front of my computer screen reliving paradise through my memories. I digress…There is good reason though why New Smyrna Beach, located on Florida’s West Coast about 55 miles west of Orlando, comes in at #1 for this blog round up. Whereas the Southern California beaches I grew up by are typically crowded in the summer months, New Smyrna is a pleasant beach destination for many locals and was not nearly as crowded when I visited as some SoCal destinations, and is scattered with little seaside stores and ice cream shops as you make your way through town. It’s extremely clean, with a calm and happy atmosphere, which makes it the perfect place to get lost in a good summer read or even experience the warm Atlantic. My cousins and I sure soaked up every second of it while of course showing off some Serene Sky jewelry, featuring the Love Wrap bracelet, Horse Shoe Bracelet, Seahorse necklace, and Boho Fringe Anklet. As far as New Smyrna Beach goes, Ariel would definitely recommend 10/10 sea stars.

Disappearing Island: Don’t worry, as far as I know all of you still have time to book your flights to Florida in order to view this magical little land mass also known as Disappearing Island. During low tide every day, the island appears as the water recedes at the inlet where Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna almost meet and is also considered part of Florida’s intercoastal. The island is also only accessible by boat. On this specific excursion I was especially keeping my eyes keen for any possible manatee sightings, as the manatees can sometimes be found drifting through the waterways during the warmer months. Sadly, no manatee sightings but instead many, many small jellyfish were floating about and we even saw a dolphin! The boat ride to the island is very cool as you go by extremely beautiful homes, (I call this one below!) and once you arrive you can dock your boat off shore and even venture about the island. Although, next time I’ll remember to bring over a little house warming gift to the hundreds of little sand crab families I must’ve intruded upon while exploring!
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse: This little Florida landmark is probably not on as many people’s travel itineraries as let’s say, Disney World, but I’m so glad that my aunt was able to take us to visit Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. It is located just 10 miles south of Daytona Beach and just north of New Smyrna. In 1998 it was designated a National Historic Landmark and is also the tallest lighthouse in all of Florida. The lighthouse was first lit on November 1, 1887 but now the grounds serve as a museum and you can even walk through the old innkeeper’s house! Visitors can climb the 203 steps to the top of the lighthouse, and let me tell you, this visitor definitely climbed the roundtrip total 406 steps that day, just ask my legs! The climb was so worth it though as the view was breathtaking. From the top you can see both Daytona and New Smyrna Beach and Disappearing Island down below. Definitely an exciting way to view the beautiful scenery that Florida has to offer!

Daytona Beach: Daytona Beach is probably one of the most known beaches in Florida, especially as far as notable spring break destinations go. Compared to New Smyrna, it is definitely more crowded and the shops are less quaint to put it one way. Even so, my family and I did enjoy the walk we took on the boardwalk were we even got to see some fisherman reel in their (small) catch (and release) of the day. This is where I got to show off Serene Sky’s Horse Shoe Bracelet again!

This is all but a glance at what I was so fortunate to experience while in Florida, and it truly is a beautiful state! Thanks so much to Serene Sky Boutique for letting me accessorize my trip with their amazing jewelry! If you’ve ever been to Florida, let us know what your favorite time was while you were there, or even if you haven't made the journey to the Sunshine State yet please tell us about which items from Serene Sky you would most like to style on a Florida vacay! Tweet us at http://www.twitter.com/shopserenesky with the #SereneSkyLovesFlorida. We may gift you with something from our boutique!

Cheers to a fantastic rest of summer!