Leah's Favorites July 07 2014

Hey Everyone!  My name is Leah Bolon.  I am so lucky to become a member of the Serene Sky Boutique team this summer as their Fashion Intern.  I came all the way from South Dakota to intern at this amazing boutique and can’t wait to learn all about the lifestyle and fashion here in SoCal.  After only being here a few a couple of weeks, I can already see the carefree, laidback lifestyle—and I love it. 

Keep reading to see what my top 5 pieces at Serene Sky are and why!


Leah's Favorites

1.)  Anson Necklace: Life is always a little off balance, that’s why I like this teardrop necklace.  The asymmetrical design is eye catching and uber stylish—perfect for any occasion.

2.)  Sofie Necklace:  This necklace has the versatility that I love.  It could be worn with a dressy outfit downtown or just kicking it at home for the day.

3.) Chevron Gold Midi Ring:  Midi rings and the chevron style are all the rage now, this ring is super stylish and super low key. Perfect for any fashionista.

4.) Gold Infinity Bracelet:  I love the meaning behind the infinity symbol.  This bracelet layers well with a watch and a few bangles-- perfect for any occasion.

5.) Leaf Thread Earrings:  These earrings add flair to a drab outfit.  Tying in nature and adding little bling makes these earrings pop.

- Written by Leah, 07/07/14