Marion's Favorites June 23 2014

Hi everyone, I’m Marion Schuler, a 20 year-old French student and I’m above all passionate by Fashion. That is the reason why I’m very glad to be part of the Serene Sky Boutique wonderful team as an intern. I really love what they do ! And I think you do too J


Here are my favorite things of the moment :

Marion's Favorites


-       Who said summer said Nail polish !! Necessarily !! And I’m pretty in love with the Tequila Mockingbird color by A.dorn Nails! It’s your turn to find yours !

-       The Ashton Necklace by Liz Henry which resists all trends !! You can wear it at anytime !

-       I love these beautiful Leaf Thread Earrings by Viola Rossii too ! What a better way to enhance an outfit !

-       And the last but not least : my favorite ring that dresses your hand without any hesitation - gold leaf ring by Crafted By Talia.


It’s your turn to choose now !



-Written by Marion Schuler, 06/23/14