Lindsey's Favorites June 16 2014

Hey guys, my name is Lindsey Chaffey and I'm so fortunate to have become part of Serene Sky Boutique's team this summer as their marketing intern! Born and raised in Southern California, I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by not only incredible weather, but also amazing inspiration. California's "serene" vibe has certainly allowed me to develop my own sense of style over the years, and how awesome is it that Serene Sky Boutique helps you embody that California lifestyle too?!


Read on to find out which are my top five favorite items right now from Serene Sky, and then maybe even style them yourself from our online shop!


Lindsey's Favorites

1) Geometric Deco Pyramid Necklace: Lately I've been really inspired by the Art Deco Movement during the 1920's. Although maybe I owe that to Leonardo DiCaprio playing Mr. Jay Gatsby in the latest Great Gatsby remake? Even so the vintage brass on this necklace along with the gold pleated chain will complement the swoons you'll receive by wearing this handmade geometric piece.


2) Chrysler Art Deco Earrings: Okay so maybe deep down it has nothing to do with Leo and I've always wanted to be a flapper, but a girl can dream right? These elegant gold plated, fish hooked earings are an ode to the Chrysler Building in New York City, and will also add that little flapper flair for an evening out.


3) Gold Honeycomb Rose Quartz Necklace: Shapes aren't just a thing of your old high school geometry class anymore, and I'm glad. This octagonal gold honeycomb necklace is adorned by a light coral colored quartz piece that will add extra credit to even a simple daytime outfit.


4) Hammered Bangle Set: This piece features shapes again! But why I really chose this bangle set is because of the beautiful turquoise green stones embedded into the different shapes. Maybe it's because I've lived near the water my whole life, but the color of these bangles are eye catching and I can already see myself pairing them with a contrasting black dress to give them center stage.


5) Shell Midi Ring: Sorry Ariel, this midi ring is definitely not a dinglehopper. Though this handcrafted mid-finger ring featuring a tiny gold shell dangle is indeed supplying ample reason to support my other lifestyle dream of becoming a mermaid. This ring is great if you're looking to perfect that summer beach vibe.


-Written by Lindsey, 06/16/14