Meet Blogger Fave: The Brunette One December 18 2013

Serene Sky Boutique first met Samantha Peterson aka The Brunette One online after missing her at WWDMAGIC Las Vegas last summer. We loved her stye and knew we wanted to do a collaboration with her. Check out her stylish blog!


Serene Sky Boutique: Tell me about yourself.
The Brunette One: My name is Samantha Peterson and I'm a 25 year old working girl. I was born and raised in the Midwest and currently live in Des Moines, Iowa as a merchandise buyer. Before landing my job in the corporate world, I was itching for a creative outlet. After perusing many interior design, DIY, and fashion blogs, I created The Brunette One in July of 2010.

When I'm not working or blogging, I contribute as a freelance style writer to multiple publications, devour as many books as possible, and attempt fit in a ballet or yoga class whenever possible. In addition I'm also planning my May 2014 wedding!

Serene Sky Boutique: How would you describe your style?

The Brunette One: Classic, effortless, & feminine.

Serene Sky Boutique:  What made  you interested in blogging?
The Brunette One: The summer post-college graduation left me searching endlessly for a full-time job and I was left to scour the internet day in and day out. I eventually got lost in the world of interior design and DIY blogs, and decided I should start a blog to help me pass the time. The Brunette One was established in July of 2010 and gradually turned into a fashion and personal style blog as the years have passed.

Serene Sky Boutique: What do you like about Serene Sky Boutique?

The Brunette One: Sometimes you just need that one piece to complete a look and Serene Sky Boutique is a go-to. While I'm bit into statement necklaces for nights out, you can usually find me with a dainty necklace, bracelet, or ring, which I find all of at Serene Sky Boutique!