Meet Blogger Fave: According To Kimberly November 22 2013

Welcome to a new blog series on Serene Sky Boutique! We will feature bloggers we are collaborating with. Please check out the Fashion With a Cause bracelet handmade by Kimberly Luu from According To Kimberly made for our boutique. The bracelet is $34.99 with 20% of proceeds going to Susan G. Komen Foundation. 

Serene Sky Boutique: Tell me about yourself.
According To Kimberly: Hmm...where to start? I am currently studying for my Masters degree at CSUN and will be graduating May 2014 (yay!). My normal week involves work/school/internship/blogging/fashion events as well as spending time with loved ones and friends. I know, there's not enough time in the day to do everything. Especially when I want 8 hours of sleep!

Serene Sky Boutique: How would you describe your style?
According to Kimberly: My style ranges depending on my mood and where I'm going. I like to experiment with different looks and have fun, why not right? A friend recently said I was fashionable, trendy, and rebellious (lol).

Serene Sky Boutique: What made  you interested in blogging?
According to Kimberly: At first, my blog was going to showcase my fashion designs and places that I love. I like sharing things I create and amazing places that I visit with others. Then it evolved to being more of a fashion and lifestyle blog. I do plan on continuing to share my favorite places with people but when I have more time.

Serene Sky Boutique: Why is breast cancer awareness important to you?
According to Kimberly: Breast cancer awareness is extremely important to me. My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was only 3 so it really affected me. All my life that's all I heard and now that I'm older, I feel that it is my duty to educate others as well. If your mother had breast cancer, you need to get checked (i.e. mammogram) 10 years prior to her diagnosis. I'm practically at that mark which is scary. Take preventative measures because it's better to know than to not know.  


Serene Sky Boutique: What do you like about Serene Sky Boutique?
According to Kimberly: What is there not to love about Serene Sky Boutique? I met the founders at an event and they are so sweet. They even have my personal pink sparkling bracelet I made on their site to continue to raise breast cancer awareness. It means so much to be and I am so thankful for their support. Donna and Frances ~ you gals rock!


(Photo c/o Kimberly Luu)